February 20, 2021

A client I was painting an Italian vista for spoke of her granddaughters and the book they were creating together. I asked if she would like me to put a few pictures in it. The next thing we both knew she had rewritten it on her own (the granddaughters had grown beyond that playful stage of writing together) and I was drawing more pictures than I had ever planned on doing. I drew it all on the computer which was new for me. It was a fun process. Every page includes subtle things for both our families. Her family were faces of the main characters. My family became names dates etc on books or stances of characters some even became some of the fairies. I enjoyed every part of the process. Check out the other photos from the book https://nancymartinart.com/commercial-projects/illustrations-from-kaboom/

Thanks Dore Family for including me in your family

February 19, 2021

This is my favorite floor!!!

It is painted on plywood. The flowers are significant, each one is a favorite flower of a family member. The center has a quote by Georgia O’Keefe about having flowers really big so you see them rather than walk by them.

on the side is a quote – Accentuate the positive eliminate the negative

Every aspect of the design stands for someone in the family.

February 18, 2021

Jumping into the present day to commemorate a lengthy process.

I started rug hooking as a way to spend time with my very talented Aunt, Eloise Doyle. She lived here in town and I was tired of how much time elapsed between visits so we decided to spend every Tuesday together. We would go to the local Senior Center where a wonderful group of women get together each week to Gab, help and of course rug hook. Then we would have lunch together. I wish I had started this eons ago but we at least had a few years before Covid took her from us. After her passing I started this rug. It uses many of the fabrics her daughter passed on to me. It is not colors she particularly liked but she was with me in spirit each day as I did it.

The women of our group were also with me in spirit. It is the first rug I have done without their input. So many times I wished we were in our room at the senior center to to ask how to match a color I ran out of, or why isn’t this color working or, or, or! These ladies span a variety of outlooks, talents, ages and towns. I adore them and miss them very much. When Eloise brought me into the group they welcomed me with open arms. Took me under their wings, outfitted me with all equipment I might need and made learning a new craft seem easy.

This rug was not easy. It’s six foot length made it bulky and very heavy. I would stop making it for long spans of time not wanting to haul it onto the loom or being unsure which color to fix or how to fix an area that was dull. Sometimes it seemed I pulled out more than I put in. The gals would have spurred me forward and it would not have taken me so long to finish. Today I celebrate – it is done!

Mostly I celebrate because I can start a new one!

Thank you dear Rug hooking friends for all you do!

February 17, 2021

Creative concepts in Duxbury continues the beach theme. Snowy Owls abound in the winter on Duxbury Beach so naturally residents enjoy the theme and joy of such a lovely bird. In creative concepts a faux window with a vista of such a bird with beach finds painted on the ledge is situated behind the desk of the decorators. Also in the space is a collage of real shells glued to the wall above an archway.

February 16, 2021

The entrance area of this animal clinic is open, bright and beautifully designed. It was a joy to work for this Boston Architect and the owners. The beach theme carried through out the entire building. Each of the exam rooms had vignettes. The stairwell and halls carried the nature theme. The downstairs dog care area was given a fish theme. Though I paint many beach birds for customers these were my favorite.

February 15, 2021

Continuing with tulips. The soft subtle look a tone on tone can achieve is soothing and unobtrusive. It allows me to use the technique my favorite medium, watercolor. Using the wall tone for the lights in a subject and painting the darks is fun. Watching the subject matter suddenly appear is magical.

Valentine’s Day 2021

Nothing (other than chocolate) says Valentine’s Day like flowers. This watercolor is one of the most important to me. The lace belonged to my grandmother. I loved playing with the whites involved. Anyone who has used watercolors knows the fun of white. It is the leaving of the paper and painting the negative space. This painting won an honorable mention in the winter juried show at the Duxbury Art Complex. https://artcomplex.org/ An art show that has been going on for 47 years.

February 13, 2021

This homeowner had turned their garage into a three season room. We decided to make it look like the outside of the house it once had been.

What made this project unique and fun for me was the client themselves. On the right side of the first photo there is a vista that includes memories of the family of their children and grandchildren. To do this I was given access to the family photo albums. As I searched for ideas I noticed many scenes that were not Duxbury but of Maine. The Maine previously discussed. Turned out they summer in the same location. Always fun to have something in common with a new acquaintance.

Within the painting we had some other fun. The birdhouse shaped clock though painted on I did put a working clock. And real flower boxes were put under one of the windows.

February 12, 2021

This large painting was painted from a slide my grandmother took many years before. I was so fortunate that my parents saved all her slides and gave me the suitcase they were all stored in. Painting from a picture she took made me feel as though she were still there painting with me.

Another reason this painting is very dear to me is Pemaquid Point (the lighthouse that is on the state quarter) is where my husbands ancestors were from. They were of the earliest settlers to that area. In fact his family sold the property to for the lighthouse.

One would assume I used oil or acrylic paint for this painting. They would be mistaken. The frugal New Englander in me used what I paint murals with … house paint with the occasional folk art paint mixed in. However if I had used tube paint, one thing I always remembered grandma teaching me was to never use tube black. I would have used antwerp blue with alizarin crimson for my darks. Tube black tends to leave a hole for the eye to get stuck on. Or so grandma taught me.

February 11, 2021

One of the joys of a historic mural is the research involved before the painting begins. The home owners were very helpful with this mural. They had collected various images of the Standish Hotel where their home now stood. Learning of the yacht club that had been there was new to me.

The location of the mural was lovely but a bit uncomfortable to paint I will admit. I was pleased the home owner liked the idea of the sepia tones. The sense of calm it gave and the hint of an old vintage feel was genuine. The entire work was painted with a glaze of brown in different degrees of opaque.

When the home was completed the magazine came for their photo shoot. It was fascinating to see how that was done. Little things one doesn’t think of in photographing like where will the address sticker go affected how the shot was lined up. Furniture was moved or removed. Looking at magazine covers was never the same again.