February 5, 2021

My first blog –

Since many of my murals were created before computers, I will spend some time during this unique year to blog about some of the larger murals I have done.

The  Nathaniel Winsor, Jr. House became a Show house to raise funds for the Historical Society, who had just bought it. It was the first Major project I worked on in Duxbury, Massachusetts. I found the entire event a great way to meet fellow artisans and help in a variety of the rooms. Some decorators needed simple pen and ink renderings, some needed simple faux treatments (like ashes to make a faux fireplace look real). The kitchen backsplash was a last minute addition by decorator Tris Nuland. She opted for a primitive scene. Because it was last minute, I was working late into the evening while festivities were underway at the local pier. A tall ship had arrived and they were singing sea shanties. Having those old melodies filter through the window while painting in an old home was magical.

Once Tris and I got acquainted we zoomed forward with other projects at the house (and more importantly a friendship to last). The next was the porch attached to the kitchen. We created larger than life lilacs on the floor with a border. I was sorry to see the porch dismantled several years later. On a different porch I was asked to paint a cut out of the home. What made this particularly interesting is that after the magazine came out a woman from Ohio read about it and called me asking for it. I asked if she would prefer her home. She replied the homes in her town were boring she wanted that one. Since I had already donated the original to the Historical Society I shipped off a new one. All and all – show houses are enormously fun. I will write about the next show house I did tomorrow.