February 20, 2021

A client I was painting an Italian vista for spoke of her granddaughters and the book they were creating together. I asked if she would like me to put a few pictures in it. The next thing we both knew she had rewritten it on her own (the granddaughters had grown beyond that playful stage of writing together) and I was drawing more pictures than I had ever planned on doing. I drew it all on the computer which was new for me. It was a fun process. Every page includes subtle things for both our families. Her family were faces of the main characters. My family became names dates etc on books or stances of characters some even became some of the fairies. I enjoyed every part of the process. Check out the other photos from the book https://nancymartinart.com/commercial-projects/illustrations-from-kaboom/

Thanks Dore Family for including me in your family

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