February 18, 2021

Jumping into the present day to commemorate a lengthy process.

I started rug hooking as a way to spend time with my very talented Aunt, Eloise Doyle. She lived here in town and I was tired of how much time elapsed between visits so we decided to spend every Tuesday together. We would go to the local Senior Center where a wonderful group of women get together each week to Gab, help and of course rug hook. Then we would have lunch together. I wish I had started this eons ago but we at least had a few years before Covid took her from us. After her passing I started this rug. It uses many of the fabrics her daughter passed on to me. It is not colors she particularly liked but she was with me in spirit each day as I did it.

The women of our group were also with me in spirit. It is the first rug I have done without their input. So many times I wished we were in our room at the senior center to to ask how to match a color I ran out of, or why isn’t this color working or, or, or! These ladies span a variety of outlooks, talents, ages and towns. I adore them and miss them very much. When Eloise brought me into the group they welcomed me with open arms. Took me under their wings, outfitted me with all equipment I might need and made learning a new craft seem easy.

This rug was not easy. It’s six foot length made it bulky and very heavy. I would stop making it for long spans of time not wanting to haul it onto the loom or being unsure which color to fix or how to fix an area that was dull. Sometimes it seemed I pulled out more than I put in. The gals would have spurred me forward and it would not have taken me so long to finish. Today I celebrate – it is done!

Mostly I celebrate because I can start a new one!

Thank you dear Rug hooking friends for all you do!

3 thoughts on “February 18, 2021

  1. Nancy, Your rug is a treasure! I look forward to seeing it “live” one of these days. I also made a Covid rug during my first quarantine period. Hooking it kept me sane. When I look at that rug, I will always think of my mental state while I was hooking and the changed world beyond my door. Helene

  2. Fantastic! Love the rug and the story of you spending time with Eloise. her talent for colors was amazing, and the way she would use the computer far better than me for some of her work. If you need colors let me know and we will do the best we can to get them to you. I do miss our Tuesdays.

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