February 12, 2021

This large painting was painted from a slide my grandmother took many years before. I was so fortunate that my parents saved all her slides and gave me the suitcase they were all stored in. Painting from a picture she took made me feel as though she were still there painting with me.

Another reason this painting is very dear to me is Pemaquid Point (the lighthouse that is on the state quarter) is where my husbands ancestors were from. They were of the earliest settlers to that area. In fact his family sold the property to for the lighthouse.

One would assume I used oil or acrylic paint for this painting. They would be mistaken. The frugal New Englander in me used what I paint murals with … house paint with the occasional folk art paint mixed in. However if I had used tube paint, one thing I always remembered grandma teaching me was to never use tube black. I would have used antwerp blue with alizarin crimson for my darks. Tube black tends to leave a hole for the eye to get stuck on. Or so grandma taught me.

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