February 11, 2021

One of the joys of a historic mural is the research involved before the painting begins. The home owners were very helpful with this mural. They had collected various images of the Standish Hotel where their home now stood. Learning of the yacht club that had been there was new to me.

The location of the mural was lovely but a bit uncomfortable to paint I will admit. I was pleased the home owner liked the idea of the sepia tones. The sense of calm it gave and the hint of an old vintage feel was genuine. The entire work was painted with a glaze of brown in different degrees of opaque.

When the home was completed the magazine came for their photo shoot. It was fascinating to see how that was done. Little things one doesn’t think of in photographing like where will the address sticker go affected how the shot was lined up. Furniture was moved or removed. Looking at magazine covers was never the same again.

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