February 10, 2021

Artica Gallery enabled me to create an art show to benefit our local High School music program. We donated all of the proceeds to it. The theme of course was music. I challenged myself to find ways to create art that was not just a portrait of each child or their instrument. Everything from the cliche to a miiature of a revolutionary drummer boy next to two comemorative stamps.

Drumsticks were painted to look like paintbrushes in a mug with the word dream on it. The paintbrushes were fun since I made each one mean something to me particularly the one that bore the name of my grandmother who started my interest in painting. I would spend a week or two with her in the summer. Her sister, a retired teacher would tutor me in English and then my reward was to paint with my grandmother. Marvelous memories!

Some of the other pieces;

A hollow core closet door turned horizontally with rowers and the song row row row your boat. A Duxbury clipper with a sea shanty around it, An old 45 record of Swan Lake as the frame with the Boston swan boats tiny in the center, Old song sheets with paintings on top such as The last waltz with brass instruments and my favorite a pre Tiny Tim version of Tip Toe thru the Tulips with tulips painted on and aged with bronze and brass metallic paint to give depth. Take me out to the ball game was penciled on paper with a baseball mitt on top.

A very enjoyable piece to do was a collage of old playbills from my youth. My other grandmother would take me to Broadway each year. Glorious! Each playbill was collaged together and a stage curtain was painted on the top with a spotlight highlighting a section.

I enjoyed pushing my mind to come up with unique ways to portray music. It was tremendous fun. The thinking up was as much fun as the painting.

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