February 9, 2021

This was a very unique project. The finished attic of the home was transformed into an island paradise complete with Jimmy Buffett in the hammock. While we worked the client played Jimmy Buffett to inspire us. Many of the aspects of the room come directly from his songs.

One aspect of this job was particularly special, My daughter was working with me. She created that beautiful shark with no help or suggestions from me. She also painted the unique tree with lizard. She is truly a talent being able to keep her work similar to mine when working with me and then create her own work in her style. I am very proud of her and treasure the few times we get to work together.

The room had two sections. One on either side of the stairs. The side with the desk was an office for mom. We built a ‘driftwood’ hut to hide the desk and give some privacy. The other side was for the kids to play in. As one goes up and down the stairs they pass thru the ocean filled with many forms of fish and even buried treasure, the treasure even has gems adhered to the wall.

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