February 5, 2021

Off to a great start with my first blog – it didn’t post! Try try again…

Many of my projects were pre-computer and all were pre this wonderful new web site. Thank you brother Jim for all your hard work helping me with this (and all you do)

A fun early project was the Nathaniel Windsor show house in Duxbury, Massachusetts. I began there heling various decorators with small projects, pen and ink renderings, soot to make a faux fireplace look real and touch ups. When decorator Tris Nuland made a last minute change she allowed me to work late into the night on the kitchen backsplash. When had chosen a primitive theme similar to a Rufus Porter Style. As I worked smelling the lilacs wafting in through the window, I could hear sea shanties in the distance. The maritime school was celebrating a tall ships arrival on the dock near by. It was magical.

As we continued with the home, Decorator Tris Nuland took on another room next to the kitchen, the side porch. We created a floor with oversized white lilacs and various borders under the lilac. I was sorry when they removed the porch years later.

The best part of this project was the friendship I formed with Tris, as well as the many connections with other artisans and decorators.

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